The Review

Set in the present day, in an outer borough of New York City, “Reasons” is a new original drama by Bill McGee. This thrilling new play tells the story of attempted healing, individual choice, and consequences that lead to an unexpected, riveting conclusion.

Richben Collins, a brilliant, unpredictable 29-year-old storage space heir, drives a forklift around his father’s warehouse, musing on what his future could be. A recent failed attempt at self-harm has brought a new person into his life, Counselor Ava Linsberg.

The curtain rises on the fifth meeting Counselor Linsberg has scheduled with Mr. Collins. Her questions aim to discover in his immature yet wise, cynical yet vulnerable personality the core of his disturbance, but the enigmatic Mr. Collins is not making it easy. He spontaneously sings aloud, fantasizes about bridge jumping and “the other side,” freely opines on the nature of fear, the impact of jealousy, and more.

In one scene, in one setting, these two characters are pivoted against and engaged with each other. To the counselor, the paramount concern is preventing her client from harming himself or others. For this purpose, she decides to tell him a story but its revelations lead to the entrance of a new character and an unexpected, explosive conclusion.